SMSBEL also provides the Reseller Solution for our clients; to avail the opportunity of reselling SMS credits to their customers for individual and business purposes. Our doors are open for your easy usage. Anyone can become our reseller as we do not charge any additional or hidden fees for the same. You can sell your credits at your own cost, can create unlimited sender ID’s and even avail more features as mentioned below.

SMSBEL covers networks in various places all over India. You can administrate, check and send essential information to all of your user accounts from your own website with ease. We provide all kinds of essential packages fulfilling the demands of the customers according to their budget. Among them, many have felt happy about the capacity with which our delivery speed has quickly spread their information. In these packages, our main focus has been in sending the alert SMS quickly to the receivers. In case the mobile is in the ‘switched off’ mode or says ‘not reachable’ or says ‘out of coverage area’ from the moment you send the message, then we have created a multiple retry provision which tries to send messages multiple times.

Benefits are also awaiting for the users who order for bulk SMS services that is more than 1 Lakh in an affordable pricing without compromising the quality.

Reseller Features

  •   Create Unlimited Users and Sender ID’d.
  •   you can make it in your own Pricing.
  •   Powerful API’s to Send/Receive SMS
  •   No coding knowledge required